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Happy Monday guys! Boy oh boy did Mr Nice ever find a good one just this past weekend! He was cruising around in the TukTuk when he spotted Lek as she was walking along the same route. My gosh, she’s got an amazing smile! Mr Naughty was still home, sleeping and wearing off a hangover but what better way to perk a guy up than to bring him home a tasty damsel such as this Thai pleasure pot! Just looking at her, he knew, she’s the one for the job!

Once back at the villa, Mr Naughty was being cranky and didn’t believe Mr Nice even went out without him and pulled in a cutie without him! Once turning over, he realized just how great of an idea it was to be awaken after-all! Hungover or not, he was already as excited as a schoolboy coming across a crate of cherry-bombs once wrapping his paws around those nice little titties of hers.

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Ladies & gentlemen Jessica Bangkok is back and ready for the MONSTER! Jess is most definitely a pro in the game, but is she ready for The Black Mamba?? Me thinks she is! Jessica Bangkok is so fine and has the fat ass and plump tits that proves she’s an original in the game. Not sure what Asian country she’s from, but she’s international when it comes to her taste is cock. What counts is what she’s going to do once she has that big dick in her hands (scratch that) in her tight pussy. Needless to say, but will be said anyway, is that Ms Bangkok can BANG MONSTER COCK!! Enjoy!.

Sorry for the delay guys, we had to hold off a couple days on this one because after seeing the first few pics of what Mr Nice sent us, we realized it was best to wait for the full video and gallery to upload (third world internet, you know) and it’s a long one! An hour and 8 minutes, to be exact!

After some casual, yet naughty, convo with a real Thai beauty they met while out for supper, the boys worked their charms and were en-route to give the girl a ride home but firstly, they must stop in at the hotel on the way. Not questioning anything, Hanna Lee followed suite and went for a ride with he boys that she will not soon forget! Damn, what an ass on this tightly dressed beauty as she walks up to the tuk tuk… if that doesn’t get your blood pumping, you’re dead. Seriously, get your heart checked!

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